Classical Cepheid

Classical Cepheids (also known as Population I Cepheids, Type I Cepheids, or Delta Cephei variables) are a type of Cepheid variable star. They are population I variable stars that exhibit regular radial pulsations with periods of a few days to a few weeks and visual amplitudes from a few tenths of a magnitude to about 2 magnitudes.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
Delta CepheiClassical Cepheid F884[x]
HD 187921Classical Cepheid F4078
HD 30282Classical Cepheid F1177
HD 316354Classical Cepheid K1056
HIP 1213Classical Cepheid F1212
HIP 77913Classical Cepheid F1173
HIP 86269Classical Cepheid F965
l CarinaeClassical Cepheid G402[x]
PolarisClassical Cepheid F433[x]
u CarinaeClassical Cepheid G95[x]
v CentauriClassical Cepheid F1226[x]
W SagittariiClassical Cepheid G2078[x]
x PuppisClassical Cepheid K324
Y SagittariiClassical Cepheid F1236[x]