10 Tauri

Stellar classification



  • X 3
  • Y -30
  • Z -34
→ Sol: 45

Object type

  • High proper-motion Star
  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • UV-emission source
  • X-ray source
simbad:* 10 Tau


10 Tauri is a star in the constellation Taurus. Located about 45 light years from the Sun, it is slightly more massive and luminous, and about the same age or older. Spectral classification places it between a dwarf and sub-giant, so it appears to be a well-evolved star that may be near the end of its time on the main sequence. It is a suspected spectroscopic binary, although this has not been confirmed. When viewed through a telescope, there is also a line-of-sight companion.

A debris disk has been identified around 10 Tauri, based on excess infrared radiation detected by IRAS/ISO.

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