171 Puppis 171 G. Puppis

Stellar classification



  • X 46
  • Y -4
  • Z -17
→ Sol: 49

Object type

  • Double or multiple star
  • Star
  • High proper-motion Star
  • UV-emission source
simbad:* 171 Pup


171 Puppis (171 Pup) is a triple star system in the constellation of Puppis – the stern of Argo Navis – of apparent magnitude +5.38. Lacking a Bayer designation, it is instead known by its Gould designation. Based upon parallax measurements, the system is 49.6 light years away from the Solar System.

The inner pair form a spectroscopic binary with an orbital period of around 10 years. In 2011, they had an angular separation of 309.8±1.6 mas along a position angle of 72.1°. There is a common proper motion companion, Van Biesbroeck 3 or WD 0743-340, at an angular separation of 869.65″ along a position angle of 2.81° from the inner pair. This is a white dwarf star with a classification of DC11.0 and a temperature of 4,600 K, making it one of the coolest white dwarfs known.

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