25 Scorpii

Stellar classification



  • X 53
  • Y 147
  • Z 688
→ Sol: 706

Object type

  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
simbad:* 25 Sco


25 Scorpii (abbreviated to 25 Sco) is a star in the zodiac constellation of Scorpius. Its apparent magnitude is 6.71, so its apparent brightness is at the limit of human eyesight and can only be seen under excellent conditions, according to the Bortle scale. Based on parallax estimates made by the Hipparcos spacecraft, the star is located about 710 light-years (220 parsecs) away.

25 Scorpii is an evolved bright giant, with a spectral type of K0II. It is about two times more massive than the Sun, and over twelve times wider than the Sun. Its effective temperature is about 4700 K.

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