56 Persei

Stellar classification



  • X -32
  • Y -23
  • Z -127
→ Sol: 133

Object type

  • Double or multiple star
  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • UV-emission source
  • White dwarf
simbad:* 56 Per


56 Persei is a quadruple star system in the constellation Perseus. Its apparent magnitude is 5.79. Located around 40.62 parsecs (132.5 ly) distant, the primary is a white main-sequence star of spectral type F4V, a star that is currently fusing its core hydrogen.

56 Persei is also a quadruple star, with one companion being a white dwarf. This white dwarf is 90 percent as massive as the Sun and orbits the primary every 47 years. The age of the white dwarf is roughly 260 million years.

The other two are G and K dwarf companions separated by roughly several AU, and form a binary themselves.

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