66 Arietis

Stellar classification



  • X -50
  • Y -95
  • Z -181
→ Sol: 210

Object type

  • Double or multiple star
  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • UV-emission source
simbad:* 66 Ari


66 Arietis (abbreviated 66 Ari) is a double star in the northern constellation of Aries. 66 Arietis is the Flamsteed designation. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 6.03, putting it near the limit for naked eye visibility. The magnitude 10.4 companion is located at an angular separation of 0.810 arcseconds from the primary along a position angle of 65°. The distance to this pair, as determined from parallax measurements made during the Hipparcos mission, is approximately 210 light-years (64 parsecs).

The spectrum of the primary component matches a stellar classification of K0 IV, with the luminosity class of IV indicating this is a subgiant star. It has 6 times the radius of the Sun and shines with 18 times the Sun's energy. This energy is radiated from the outer atmosphere at an effective temperature of 4,864 K, giving it the cool orange-hued glow of a K-type star.

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