9 Aurigae

Stellar classification



  • X -33
  • Y 11
  • Z -79
→ Sol: 86

Object type

  • Variable Star of gamma Dor type
  • Star
  • Double or multiple star
  • Infra-Red source
  • High proper-motion Star
  • Spectroscopic binary
  • UV-emission source
  • Variable Star
  • X-ray source
simbad:* 9 Aur


9 Aurigae (9 Aur) is a star in the constellation Auriga. It has an apparent magnitude of about 5, making it visible to the naked eye in bright suburban skies. Parallax estimates made by the Hipparcos spacecraft put it at a distance of about 85.7 light-years, or 26.3 parsecs.

9 Aurigae is a well-studied Gamma Doradus variable, and was in fact one of the first stars to be classified as one. These types of stars vary in luminosity due to non-radial pulsations. 9 Aurigae's apparent magnitude varies from 4.93 to 5.03 over a period of 1.25804 days. For that reason it has been given the variable star designation V398 Aurigae.

9 Aurigae is a triple star system. The central pair of stars form a spectroscopic binary with a period of 391.7 days and an eccentricity of 0.37. Light from only the primary star can be detected, so it is considered to be single-lined. It also has a red dwarf companion separated 5″ from the main star.

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