Alpha Octantis

Stellar classification



  • X 82
  • Y -80
  • Z 85
→ Sol: 143

Object type

  • Eclipsing binary of beta Lyr type
  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • High proper-motion Star
  • Spectroscopic binary
  • UV-emission source
  • Variable Star
  • X-ray source
simbad:* alf Oct


Alpha Octantis (Alpha Oct, α Octantis, α Oct) is a star in the constellation of Octans. Despite being labeled the "alpha" star by Johann Bayer in his star atlas Uranometria, it is not the brightest star in the constellation – that title belongs to Nu Octantis. It has an overall apparent visual magnitude of approximately 5.15 and is a spectroscopic binary star which consists of two giant stars, each with spectral type F, orbiting each other with a period of just over 9 days. The pair has also been classified as a Beta Lyrae-type eclipsing binary system. It is a bright X-ray source with a luminosity of 22.78×1029 ergs s−1.

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