Stellar classification



  • X -81
  • Y -148
  • Z -337
→ Sol: 377

Object type

  • Variable Star
  • Star
  • Double or multiple star
  • Star in Cluster
  • Infra-Red source
  • UV-emission source
simbad:* 16 Tau


In Greek mythology, Celaeno (; Ancient Greek: Κελαινώ Kelaino, lit. 'the dark one', also Celeno or Kelaino, sometimes [misspelled] Calaeno) referred to several different figures.

  • Celaeno, one of the Harpies, whom Aeneas encountered at Strophades. She gave him prophecies of his coming journeys.
  • Celaeno, one of the Pleiades. She was said to be mother of Lycus and Nycteus by Poseidon; of Eurypylus (or Eurytus), King of Cyrene, and Lycaon, also by Poseidon; and of Lycus and Chimaereus by Prometheus.
  • Celaeno, one of the Danaids, the daughters of Danaus. Her mother was Crino. She married and killed Hyperbius, son of Aegyptus and Hephaestine. She was also believed to have had a son Celaenus by Poseidon.
  • Celaeno, an Amazon. She was killed by Heracles whilst he was undertaking the ninth labour.
  • Celaeno, daughter of Hyamus and granddaughter of Lycorus. She was the mother of Delphus by Apollo.
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