Delta Leporis

Stellar classification



  • X 76
  • Y -42
  • Z -73
→ Sol: 113

Object type

  • High proper-motion Star
  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • UV-emission source
simbad:* del Lep


Delta Leporis (δ Leporis) is a solitary, orange-hued star in the southern constellation of Lepus. It is visible to the naked eye with an apparent visual magnitude of 3.85. Based upon an annual parallax shift of 28.68 mas, it is 114 light years distant from Earth.

This is an old, evolved K-type star with an age of about 10.7 billion years. Keenan and McNeil (1989) classified it as K0 IIIb Fe−1.5 CH0.5, indicating it is a giant star showing a deficiency of iron and an excess of cyanogen in its atmosphere. However, Gray et al. (2006) listed it as K1 IV Fe−0.5, which would suggest a less evolved subgiant star. It may be a red clump star, which indicates it is generating energy through helium fusion at its core.

The measured angular diameter of this star, after correction for limb darkening, is 2.63±0.04 mas. At the estimated distance of this star, this yields a physical size of about 10 times the radius of the Sun. It has only 94% of the Sun's mass and is radiating 46 times the Sun's luminosity from its photosphere at an effective temperature of 4,660 K.

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