Epsilon Arietis

Stellar classification



  • X -102
  • Y -179
  • Z -261
→ Sol: 333

Object type

  • Star
  • Double or multiple star
simbad:* eps Ari B


Epsilon Arietis (ε Ari, ε Arietis) is the Bayer designation for a visual binary star system in the northern constellation of Aries. It has a combined apparent visual magnitude of 4.63 and can be seen with the naked eye, although the two components are too close together to be resolved without a telescope. With an annual parallax shift of 9.81 mas, the distance to this system can be estimated as 330 light-years (100 parsecs), give or take a 30 light-year margin of error.

The brighter member of this pair has an apparent magnitude of 5.2. At an angular separation of 1.426 ± 0.010 arcseconds from the brighter component, along a position angle of 209.2° ± 0.3°, is the magnitude 5.5 companion. Both are A-type main sequence stars with a stellar classification of A2 Vs. (The 's' suffix indicates that the absorption lines in the spectrum are distinctly narrow.) In the 2009 Catalogue of Ap, HgMn and Am stars, the two stars have a classification of A3 Ti, indicating they are Ap stars with an anomalous abundance of titanium. Within the measurement margin of error, their projected rotational velocities are deemed identical at 60 km/s.

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