Epsilon Circini

Stellar classification



  • X 268
  • Y -40
  • Z 305
→ Sol: 408

Object type

  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
simbad:* eps Cir


Epsilon Circini, Latinized from ε Circini, is a solitary star located in the southern constellation of Circinus. It is faintly visible to the naked eye, having an apparent visual magnitude of 4.86. The distance to this star, as determined by a measured annual parallax shift of 8.00 mas, is around 410 light years.

This is an evolved K-type giant star with a stellar classification of K2.5 III. The measured angular diameter of this star is 2.02±0.11 mas. At its estimated distance, this yields a physical size of about 27 times the radius of the Sun. It radiates about 244 times the solar luminosity from its outer atmosphere at an effective temperature of 4,576 K.

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