Kapteyn's Star


  • X 10
  • Y -7
  • Z -3
→ Sol: 13

Object type

  • Variable of BY Dra type
  • Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • High proper-motion Star
  • Variable Star
simbad:NAME Kapteyn's star


Kapteyn's Star is a class M1 red subdwarf about 12.76 light years from Earth in the southern constellation Pictor; it is the closest halo star to the Solar System. With a magnitude of nearly 9 it is visible through binoculars or a telescope.

Its diameter is 30% of the Sun's, but its luminosity just 1.2% that of the Sun's. It may have once been part of the globular cluster Omega Centauri, itself a likely dwarf galaxy swallowed up by the Milky Way in the distant past. The discovery of two planets — Kapteyn b and Kapteyn c — was announced in 2014.

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