OU Geminorum

Stellar classification



  • X 11
  • Y 3
  • Z -46
→ Sol: 47

Object type

  • Variable of BY Dra type
  • Star
  • Double or multiple star
  • Flare Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • High proper-motion Star
  • Spectroscopic binary
  • UV-emission source
  • Variable Star
  • X-ray source
simbad:HD 45088


OU Geminorum (OU Gem) is a visual binary or possible triple star located in the constellation of Gemini.

The system has an absolute magnitude of 5.93, so at a distance of 48 light years it has an apparent magnitude of 6.77 when viewed from earth. It also has a total Proper Motion of 0.210"/yr and belongs to the Ursa Major stream.

The system is a much studied BY Draconis variable star with a period of 6.99 days The primary star has a spectral type of K3Vk. The secondary star in the system has a surface temperature of 4486±50 K and orbits the primary in about seven days.

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