Stein 2051

Stellar classification



  • X -9
  • Y 2
  • Z -15
→ Sol: 18

Object type

  • Double or multiple star
  • Star
  • High proper-motion Star
simbad:G 175-34


Stein 2051 (Gliese 169.1, G 175-034, LHS 26/27) is a nearby binary star system, containing a red dwarf (component A) and a degenerate star (white dwarf) (component B), located in constellation Camelopardalis at about 18 ly from Earth.

Stein 2051 is the nearest (red dwarf + white dwarf) separate binary system (40 Eridani BC is located closer at 16.26 light-years, but it is a part of a triple star system).

Stein 2051 B is the 6th nearest white dwarf after Sirius B, Procyon B, van Maanen's star, LP 145-141 and 40 Eridani B.

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