YZ Canis Minoris

Stellar classification



  • X 11
  • Y 5
  • Z -15
→ Sol: 19

Object type

  • Variable of BY Dra type
  • Star
  • Flare Star
  • Infra-Red source
  • High proper-motion Star
  • UV-emission source
  • Variable Star
  • X-ray source
simbad:V* YZ CMi


YZ Canis Minoris is a red dwarf star in the constellation Canis Minor. It is a flare star, so called due to its solar flares being more powerful than those of Earth's star. It is a Dwarf star roughly three times the size of Jupiter, and is 20 light years from earth. The radiation from the star is in a 50 mHz bandwidth and is centered on 1464.9 mHz.

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