Herbig Ae/Be star

A Herbig Ae/Be star (HABe) is a pre-main-sequence star – a young (<10Myr) star of spectral types A or B. These stars are still embedded in gas-dust envelopes and are sometimes accompanied by circumstellar disks. Hydrogen and calcium emission lines are observed in their spectra. They are 2-8 Solar mass (M☉) objects, still existing in the star formation (gravitational contraction) stage and approaching the main sequence (i.e. they are not burning hydrogen in their center). In the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram these stars are located to the right of the main sequence. They are named after the American astronomer George Herbig, who first distinguished them from other stars in 1960. The original Herbig criteria were:

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
2MASS J21541877+4712096Herbig Ae/Be starB3197
AB AurigaeHerbig Ae/Be starA471[x]
BD-10 1848Herbig Ae/Be starB3800
ER VulpeculaeHerbig Ae/Be starG170
Gliese 3264Herbig Ae/Be starG166
GSC 06842-01315Herbig Ae/Be starB4350
HD 245185Herbig Ae/Be starA1574
HIP 17890Herbig Ae/Be starA392
HIP 56379Herbig Ae/Be starB316[x]
Lalande 46867Herbig Ae/Be starK130
LKHA 115Herbig Ae/Be starB4263
MX OrionisHerbig Ae/Be starK1312
R CrAHerbig Ae/Be star409
R MonocerotisHerbig Ae/Be starB3000[x]
T OrionisHerbig Ae/Be starA1319
V1357 CygniHerbig Ae/Be starO7500[x]
V1578 CygniHerbig Ae/Be starA3186
V4203 SagittariiHerbig Ae/Be starB4370
V4204 SagittariiHerbig Ae/Be starB4211
V594 CasHerbig Ae/Be starB658
X PerseiHerbig Ae/Be starO1394[x]