Brown Dwarf

Brown dwarfs are substellar objects not massive enough to sustain hydrogen-1 fusion reactions in their cores, unlike main-sequence stars. Brown dwarfs occupy the mass range between the heaviest gas giants and the lightest stars, with an upper limit around 75 to 80 Jupiter masses (MJ). Brown dwarfs heavier than about 13 MJ are thought to fuse deuterium and those above ~65 MJ, fuse lithium as well. Brown dwarfs may be fully convective, with no layers or chemical differentiation by depth.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
2MASS J03290015+3121092Brown Dwarf M1187
2MASS J03291018+3127159Brown Dwarf M1253
2MASS J12235738+2453292Brown Dwarf M264
G 89-32Brown Dwarf M20
LHS 1070Brown Dwarf M24
LHS 1326Brown Dwarf M30
LHS 1885Brown Dwarf M26
LHS 1912Brown Dwarf M63
LHS 2065Brown Dwarf M28[x]
LP 229-17Brown Dwarf M26
LP 271-25Brown Dwarf M34
LP 415-1446Brown Dwarf M77
LP 732-94Brown Dwarf M46
LP 912-32Brown Dwarf M61
LP 944-020Brown Dwarf M16[x]
LTT 18486Brown Dwarf M73
LTT 5455Brown Dwarf M29
Ross 730Brown Dwarf M27
Teegarden's StarBrown Dwarf M12[x]