Planetary Nebula

A planetary nebula, often abbreviated as PN or plural PNe, is a kind of emission nebula consisting of an expanding, glowing shell of ionized gas ejected from old red giant stars late in their lives. The word "nebula" is Latin for mist or cloud and the term "planetary nebula" is a misnomer that originated in the 1780s with astronomer William Herschel because when viewed through his telescope, these objects appeared to him to resemble the rounded shapes of planets. Herschel's name for these objects was popularly adopted and has not been changed. They are a relatively short-lived phenomenon, lasting a few tens of thousands of years, compared to a typical stellar lifetime of several billion years.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
AG CarinaePlanetary NebulaW17167[x]
BD+01 3979Planetary Nebula3300[x]
BD+22 3878Planetary NebulaD1100[x]
BD+30 623Planetary Nebula860[x]
BD+50 2869Planetary NebulaO2000[x]
BD-12 1172Planetary NebulaO1100[x]
BD-17 3140Planetary Nebula1400[x]
Blue Flash NebulaPlanetary Nebula3006[x]
Bug NebulaPlanetary Nebula3381[x]
CD-23 13397Planetary Nebula4900[x]
CD-33 12935Planetary Nebula3100
CD-36 11341Planetary Nebula3399[x]
CD-39 6137Planetary NebulaA2100[x]
CD-43 9005Planetary Nebula3000[x]
CPD-65 2513Planetary Nebula8400[x]
Csi+19-20105Planetary Nebula9000[x]
Csi+19-20201Planetary Nebula3000[x]
Csi+29-19529Planetary Nebula6000
Csi+46-20087Planetary Nebula2500[x]
Csi+61-22385Planetary Nebula4200[x]
CSI-20-17462Planetary Nebula4500
CSI-21-22270Planetary NebulaD700[x]
CSI-61-15434Planetary Nebula9000
Dumbbell NebulaPlanetary Nebula1082[x]
Eskimo NebulaPlanetary Nebula765[x]
Fine Ring NebulaPlanetary Nebula999
GCRV 4981Planetary NebulaO800[x]
GCRV 6897Planetary Nebula2200[x]
GCRV 950Planetary NebulaD2100[x]
Ghost of JupiterPlanetary Nebula1392[x]
HD 148937Planetary NebulaO1388
Helix NebulaPlanetary Nebula689[x]
Hen 2-215Planetary Nebula4899
HIP 66732Planetary Nebula759
IC 289Planetary Nebula1710[x]
IC 4663Planetary Nebula6450
IRAS 21565-3937Planetary NebulaO3000[x]
KN MuscaePlanetary Nebula1780[x]
Lan 111Planetary Nebula2900[x]
Little Dumbbell NebulaPlanetary Nebula2060[x]
Little Ghost NebulaPlanetary Nebula4897[x]
NGC 1360Planetary Nebula1135[x]
NGC 1514Planetary Nebula849[x]
NGC 2440Planetary Nebula5691[x]
NGC 5979Planetary Nebula9004
NGC 6337Planetary Nebula4877
NGC 6445Planetary Nebula4529
NGC 6563Planetary Nebula3103
NGC 6567Planetary Nebula4176
NGC 6804Planetary Nebula4993
NGC 6886Planetary Nebula8994[x]
NSV 1056Planetary Nebula1700[x]
Phantom Streak NebulaPlanetary Nebula6517[x]
Red Spider NebulaPlanetary Nebula3004[x]
Witch Head NebulaPlanetary Nebula888[x]