T Tauri star

T Tauri stars (TTS) are a class of variable stars named after their prototype – T Tauri. They are found near molecular clouds and identified by their optical variability and strong chromospheric lines. T Tauri stars are pre-main-sequence stars in the process of contracting to the main sequence along the Hayashi track, a luminosity-temperature relationship obeyed by infant stars of less than 3 solar masses (M☉) in the pre-main-sequence phase of stellar evolution. It ends when a star of 0.5 M☉ develops a radiative zone, or when a larger star commences nuclear fusion on the main sequence.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
111 TauriT Tauri starF47[x]
2MASS J21371591+5726591T Tauri starK2709
2MASS J21390319+5722318T Tauri starM2690
2MASS J21392957+5733417T Tauri starK2680
BD-00 632T Tauri starF61
EH CepheiT Tauri starG1522
EZ OrionisT Tauri starG1281
GCRV 2311T Tauri starG105
Gliese 113.1T Tauri starK136
GM CepheiT Tauri starF2702
HIP 113269T Tauri starG798
HIP 15241T Tauri starG439
HIP 15300T Tauri starK128
HIP 17873T Tauri starG323
HIP 19176T Tauri starG353
HIP 19762T Tauri starK313
HIP 20097T Tauri starK446
HIP 20160T Tauri starK250
HIP 20387T Tauri starK436
HIP 20388T Tauri starG417
HIP 20777T Tauri starM127
HIP 21144T Tauri starG378
HIP 21179T Tauri starK184
HIP 22607T Tauri starF133
HIP 55746T Tauri starF271
HIP 58490T Tauri starK330
HIP 60553T Tauri starK236
HIP 77199T Tauri starK132
HIP 93412T Tauri starF210
LFT 392T Tauri starM68
LP 356-14T Tauri starM63
LX OrionisT Tauri star1316
Mu LupiT Tauri starK336[x]
T TauriT Tauri starK595[x]
V1044 OrionisT Tauri starG1281
V1118 OrionisT Tauri starM1253
V360 OrionisT Tauri starM1275
V449 OrionisT Tauri starK1569
V491 PerseiT Tauri starG67
Wolf 1241T Tauri starG121
Wolf 208T Tauri starG127
YY OrionisT Tauri starK1271