White dwarf

A white dwarf, also called a degenerate dwarf, is a stellar remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter. A white dwarf is very dense: its mass is comparable to that of the Sun, while its volume is comparable to that of Earth. A white dwarf's faint luminosity comes from the emission of stored thermal energy; no fusion takes place in a white dwarf wherein mass is converted to energy. The nearest known white dwarf is Sirius B, at 8.6 light years, the smaller component of the Sirius binary star. There are currently thought to be eight white dwarfs among the hundred star systems nearest the Sun. The unusual faintness of white dwarfs was first recognized in 1910. The name white dwarf was coined by Willem Luyten in 1922. The universe has not been alive long enough to experience a white dwarf releasing all of its energy as it will take close to a trillion years.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
56 PerseiWhite dwarfF133[x]
63 EridaniWhite dwarfG176
AlbusWhite dwarf91[x]
BD+22 3878White dwarfD1100[x]
Blue Flash NebulaWhite dwarf, Pulsating White Dwarf3006[x]
BPM 17113White dwarfF36
BPM 890White dwarfD80
CD-23 13397Pulsating White Dwarf4900[x]
Csi+19-20201White dwarf, Pulsating White Dwarf3000[x]
CSI-21-22270White dwarfD700[x]
DN DraconisWhite dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD35
Dumbbell NebulaWhite dwarf1082[x]
EGGR 431White dwarf56
ER 8White dwarfD48
FAUST 3725White dwarfD126
Feige 22White dwarfD87
FS 34White dwarfD68
G 108-26White dwarfD60
G 125-3White dwarfD38
GAT 1373White dwarfD82
GCRV 6897White dwarf2200[x]
GCRV 950White dwarfD2100[x]
GD 1192White dwarfD73
GD 1212White dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD52
GD 140White dwarfD52
GD 175White dwarfD84
GD 215White dwarfD80
GD 219White dwarfD65
GD 279White dwarfD50
GD 319White dwarfD50
GD 356White dwarfD68[x]
GD 69White dwarfD61
Gliese 2026White dwarf1095
Gliese 398.2White dwarf1055
Helix NebulaWhite dwarf689[x]
HIP 10267White dwarfG282
HIP 12031White dwarfD299
HIP 1394White dwarfF315
HIP 17962White dwarfK144
HIP 20984White dwarfG274
HIP 23692White dwarfD195
HIP 46659White dwarf530
HIP 47296White dwarf351
HIP 97394White dwarfD345
HR 1358White dwarfD154
HR 8210White dwarf151[x]
KN MuscaeWhite dwarf, Pulsating White Dwarf1780[x]
KUV 410-4White dwarfD67
L 190-21White dwarfF36
LAWD 13White dwarfD76
LAWD 15White dwarfD57
LAWD 17White dwarfD57
LAWD 26White dwarfD23
LAWD 27White dwarfD76
LAWD 49White dwarfD27[x]
LAWD 52White dwarfD85
LAWD 68White dwarfD68
LAWD 7White dwarfD76
LAWD 74White dwarfD35
LAWD 8White dwarfD51
LAWD 80White dwarfD55
LAWD 83White dwarfD56
LAWD 84White dwarfD72
Lawd 86White dwarfD67
LAWD 96White dwarfD25
LB 2449White dwarfB61
LB 3303White dwarfD33
LFT 1White dwarfD43
LFT 133White dwarfD61
LFT 142White dwarfD40
LFT 1446White dwarfD44[x]
LFT 367White dwarfD31
LFT 65White dwarfD32
LHS 1038White dwarfD36
LHS 1044White dwarfD65
LHS 1442White dwarfD69
LHS 1446White dwarfD34
LHS 145White dwarfD41
LHS 151White dwarfD55
LHS 153White dwarfD64
LHS 1547White dwarfD52
LHS 1617White dwarfD58
LHS 1734White dwarfD70
LHS 1838White dwarfD73
LHS 2022White dwarfD72
LHS 235White dwarfD29
LHS 2522White dwarfD66
LHS 253White dwarfD29
LHS 262White dwarfD34
LHS 2661White dwarfD51
LHS 304White dwarfD44
LHS 3163White dwarfD59
LHS 3384White dwarfD65
LHS 3589White dwarfD65
LHS 378White dwarfD47
LHS 3857White dwarfD62
LHS 4019White dwarfD70
LHS 455White dwarfD20[x]
LHS 483White dwarfD57
LHS 529White dwarfD67
LHS 6171White dwarfD77
LHS 6305White dwarfD73
LHS 6309White dwarfD49
Little Dumbbell NebulaWhite dwarf2060[x]
Little Ghost NebulaPulsating White Dwarf4897[x]
LP 103-294White dwarfD42
LP 104-2White dwarfD39
LP 131-66White dwarfD82
LP 196-42White dwarfD73
LP 254-26White dwarfD51
LP 284-13White dwarfD59
LP 308-10White dwarfD61
LP 36-115White dwarfD80
LP 458-64White dwarfD41
LP 475-70White dwarfD41
LP 535-11White dwarfD76
LP 542-33White dwarfD56
LP 58-247White dwarfD59
LP 62-147White dwarfD53
LP 63-267White dwarfD69
LP 634-1White dwarfD38
LP 638-58White dwarfD64
LP 658-2White dwarfD21
LP 671-11White dwarfD39
LP 7-226White dwarfD60
LP 702-48White dwarfD80
LP 710-47White dwarfD51
LP 790-29White dwarfD47
LP 825-559White dwarfD52
LP 856-26White dwarfD68
LP 9-231White dwarfD53
LP 907-37White dwarfD68
LP 926-40White dwarfD53
LTT 10380White dwarfD70
LTT 12680White dwarfD71
LTT 14019White dwarfD77
LTT 16218White dwarfD78
LTT 18548White dwarfD87
LTT 7421White dwarfD62
LTT 8190White dwarfD84
NLTT 1139White dwarfD78
NLTT 15714White dwarfD36
NLTT 22699White dwarfD75
NLTT 23036White dwarfD80
NLTT 44219White dwarfD57
NLTT 46621White dwarfD49
NLTT 55164White dwarfD26
PY VulpeculaeWhite dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD59[x]
Ross 640White dwarfD51
RR CaeliWhite dwarfD27[x]
UZ SextantisWhite dwarfD59
V1201 OrionisWhite dwarfD26[x]
V2151 CygniWhite dwarfD64
V361 AurigaeWhite dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD170[x]
V749 HerculisWhite dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD76
V886 CentauriWhite dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD54[x]
WD 1207-032White dwarf70
Wolf 1346White dwarfD50
Wolf 1373White dwarfM45
Wolf 555White dwarfM83
ZZ PisciumWhite dwarf, Pulsating White DwarfD45[x]