Supergiants are among the most massive and most luminous stars. They occupy the top region of the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram with bolometric absolute magnitudes between −5 and −12 and temperatures from about 3,500K to over 20,000K.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
AG CarinaeBlue supergiantW17167[x]
Alpha CygniSupergiantA1412[x]
AludraBlue supergiantB1989[x]
BetelgeuseRed supergiantM498[x]
Epsilon OrionisBlue supergiantB1976[x]
Eta CarinaBlue supergiant8988
Eta CarinaeBlue supergiantO7700[x]
HD 167971Blue supergiantO2160
HD 218915Blue supergiantO2490[x]
HD 75222Blue supergiantO2364
HIP 101341Blue supergiantO2146
HIP 62918Red supergiantM6492
HIP 82691Blue supergiantO4056
HR 6272Blue supergiantO2265
KY CygniRed supergiantM5000[x]
RigelBlue supergiantB863[x]
RS PerseiRed supergiantM7670[x]
S PerseiRed supergiantM...[x]
SaiphBlue supergiantB647[x]
V1357 CygniBlue supergiantO7500[x]
V361 CarinaeRed supergiantM7793
V403 PerseiRed supergiantM7611
V439 PerseiRed supergiantM7669
VY Canis MajorisRed supergiantM1833[x]