Long-period variable star

Astronomisches Objekt AbstandWiki
AD PerseiSemi-regular pulsating StarM7655
AlsciaukatSemi-regular pulsating StarK382[x]
BetelgeuseSemi-regular pulsating StarM498[x]
BrachiumSemi-regular pulsating StarM288[x]
Chi CygniVariable Star of Mira Cet typeS589[x]
EnifLong-period variable starK690[x]
Epsilon MuscaeSemi-regular pulsating StarM302
Eta SculptorisLong-period variable starM452
FT CepheiLong-period variable star1482
FZ PerseiSemi-regular pulsating StarM7675
Gorgonea TertiaSemi-regular pulsating StarM308[x]
HD 136695Variable Star of Mira Cet typeM1029
HD 14028Variable Star of Mira Cet typeS1463
HD 148173Long-period variable starC1007
HD 180953Long-period variable starC1745
HD 215673Long-period variable starC6154
HD 219978Long-period variable starK1965
HD 220958Semi-regular pulsating StarK1090
HD 224225Semi-regular pulsating StarM1310
HD 224855Semi-regular pulsating StarC2861
HIP 103645Semi-regular pulsating StarM924
HIP 15145Semi-regular pulsating StarM563
HIP 15241Semi-regular pulsating StarG439
HIP 17873Semi-regular pulsating StarG323
HIP 23520Long-period variable starC926
HIP 24169Semi-regular pulsating StarM485
HIP 29896Semi-regular pulsating StarC1568
HIP 363Long-period variable starC867
HIP 37391Semi-regular pulsating StarM455
HIP 40977Variable Star of Mira Cet typeS122
HIP 41061Long-period variable starC1681
HIP 52656Semi-regular pulsating StarC906
HIP 62918Long-period variable starM6492
HIP 65763Long-period variable starK438
HIP 77445Long-period variable starM948
HIP 87820Variable Star of Mira Cet type278
HIP 87913Long-period variable starK833
HIP 9057Variable Star of Mira Cet typeC943
HR 4739Semi-regular pulsating StarM443
HR 7523Semi-regular pulsating StarM819
HR 8714Semi-regular pulsating StarS1365
Iota TucanaeSemi-regular pulsating StarG305
KY CygniLong-period variable starM5000[x]
Mu AquilaeVariable Star of Mira Cet typeM107
Mu NoraLong-period variable starG126
Mu VelorumVariable Star of Mira Cet type117[x]
NLTT 26813Semi-regular pulsating StarK76
Nu HydraeLong-period variable starM143
Nu TelescopiiSemi-regular pulsating Star162
OP HerculisSemi-regular pulsating StarM967
Pi PuppisSemi-regular pulsating StarK807[x]
Q CarinaeLong-period variable starK393
R CentauriVariable Star of Mira Cet typeM1255
R DoradusSemi-regular pulsating StarM203[x]
R SculptorisSemi-regular pulsating StarC867[x]
RasalgethiSemi-regular pulsating StarM360[x]
Rho CassiopeiaeSemi-regular pulsating StarG11649[x]
RS PerseiSemi-regular pulsating StarM7670
S PerseiSemi-regular pulsating StarM...
Sigma Canis MajorisLong-period variable starK1121
T CentauriSemi-regular pulsating StarK1376
TapiaVariable Star of Mira Cet typeM121[x]
V361 CarinaeLong-period variable starM7793
V439 PerseiLong-period variable starM7669
V740 CassiopeiaeSemi-regular pulsating StarG99
w CentauriVariable Star of Mira Cet typeM190
W CygniSemi-regular pulsating StarM570
W OrionisSemi-regular pulsating StarC1231
w VelorumVariable Star of Mira Cet typeM211
X HerculisSemi-regular pulsating StarM447
Y Canum VenaticorumSemi-regular pulsating StarC...[x]
y CentauriSemi-regular pulsating StarM170
Y VelorumVariable Star of Mira Cet typeM71