Carbon Star

A carbon star is a late-type star similar to a red giant (or occasionally to a red dwarf) whose atmosphere contains more carbon than oxygen; the two elements combine in the upper layers of the star, forming carbon monoxide, which consumes all the oxygen in the atmosphere, leaving carbon atoms free to form other carbon compounds, giving the star a "sooty" atmosphere and a strikingly ruby red appearance.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
HD 148173Carbon StarC1007
HD 180953Carbon StarC1745
HD 19557Carbon StarC1591
HD 215673Carbon StarC6154
HD 224855Carbon StarC2861
HD 319738Carbon Star1348
HIP 12325Carbon StarC1673
HIP 23520Carbon StarC926
HIP 29896Carbon StarC1568
HIP 363Carbon StarC867
HIP 40977Carbon StarS122
HIP 41061Carbon StarC1681
HIP 52656Carbon StarC906
HIP 62944Carbon StarK345
HIP 75745Carbon Star1165
HIP 86927Carbon StarC1371
HIP 87820Carbon Star278
HIP 9057Carbon StarC943
KY CygniCarbon StarM5000[x]
Mu VelorumCarbon Star117[x]
NLTT 33782Carbon StarM117
Nu GeminorumCarbon Star544[x]
R SculptorisCarbon StarC867[x]
W OrionisCarbon StarC1231[x]
Y Canum VenaticorumCarbon StarC...[x]