Wolf-Rayet Star

Wolf–Rayet stars (often referred to as WR stars) are a heterogeneous set of stars with unusual spectra showing prominent broad emission lines of highly ionised helium and nitrogen or carbon. The spectra indicate very high surface temperatures of 30,000 K to around 200,000 K, surface enhancement of heavy elements, and strong stellar winds.

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Astronomical object DistanceWiki
AG CarinaeWolf-Rayet StarW17167[x]
ALS 299Wolf-Rayet StarW3662[x]
HD 156327Wolf-Rayet StarW1772
HD 165763Wolf-Rayet StarW3048
HD 193576Wolf-Rayet StarW2077
HIP 113569Wolf-Rayet StarW1033[x]
HIP 5100Wolf-Rayet StarW731
HIP 69445Wolf-Rayet StarW674
HIP 91911Wolf-Rayet StarW420
HIP 99982Wolf-Rayet StarW562
HR 6265Wolf-Rayet StarW3166
HR 6272Wolf-Rayet StarO2265
RegorWolf-Rayet Star1047[x]
WR 136Wolf-Rayet StarW4000[x]